Blockchain Club University of Auckland Est. 2018

About Blockchain Club

BCC is a new club aimed at promoting blockchain technologies and encouraging students to learn how to interact with blockchains (also known as crypto-currencies).

The club plans to host regular events and workshops to cater to people of all skill levels, so there will be opportunities for all our members to participate.
Members Will Have Access To
Networking Events
Trading Competitons
Guest Speaker Events
Mining Tutorials
Quiz Nights

Our goal towards members of this club is to provide the support for students who want to learn how to program smart contracts, mine a proof of work blockchain, participate in a proof of stake network, or becoming a node in a decentralized currency.

There will also be tutorials that are dedicated to trading and investing in crypto currencies.


We are accepting applications for 2018! You can download a copy of the Proposal here that has all the information about each role within the organization.

Current BCC UOA Team
Positon Name Discord Tag
President Joshua Stanaway @Josh
Vice President Alex Boyle @Alex
Secretary Veronica Qiu @luxdeluxe
Treasurer/Founder James Peters @James
Public Relations John Stannard @John
Events Manager Mitchell Farmer @MitchF
Technical Team Bailey Firman-Yearsley @Bayyls
Operations Manager Yvonne Xu @Yvonne
Partnerships James Shore @Hemi

Blockchain Club University of Auckland is a non-profit organisation. We would like to say a big thank you to our sponsors, partners and affiliates.

Sponsors and Partners

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